User Guide

Activate Debug Logging for Tornado

The Tornado logger can be configured in the file /neteye/shared/tornado/conf/tornado.toml under the logger section. This configuration is based on three entries:

  • level: A list of comma separated logger verbosity levels. Valid values for a level are: trace, debug, info, warn, and error. If only one level is provided, this is used as global logger level. Otherwise, a list of per package levels can be used. E.g.:

    • level=info: the global logger level is set to info

    • level=warn,tornado=debug: the global logger level is set to warn, the tornado package logger level is set to debug

  • stdout-output: A boolean value that determines whether the Logger should print to standard output. Valid values are true and false.

  • file-output-path: An optional string that defines a file path in the file system. If provided, the Logger will append any output to that file.

Tornado writes all the logs of the daemon to the system journal. To inspect them you can run:

neteye# journalctl -u tornado.service -f