User Guide

Tornado Nats JSON

The Nats JSON Collector is a standalone Collector that listens for JSON messages on Nats topics, generates Tornado Events, and sends them to the Tornado Engine.

The Nats JSON Collector executable is built on actix.

On startup, it connects to a set of topics on a Nats server. Calls received are then processed by the embedded JMESPath Collector that uses them to produce Tornado Events. In the final step, the Events are forwarded to the Tornado Engine through the configured connection type.

For each topic, you must provide two values in order to successfully configure them:

  • nats_topics: A list of Nats topics to which the Collector will subscribe.

  • collector_config: (Optional) The transformation logic that converts a JSON object received from Nats into a Tornado Event. It consists of a JMESPath Collector configuration.