User Guide

Business Monitoring

Business Monitoring allows you to:

  • Visualize part of your IT infrastructure in a hierarchical way

  • See the Business Impact of individual services

  • Check what would happen in case you power down a specific server

    • Would it have any influence on your most important services?

    • Which applications would be affected?

  • Create custom process-based dashboards

  • Trigger notifications at the process or sub-process level

  • Provide a quick top-level view for thousands of components on a single screen

The following list contains a few pointers for the use of the Business Monitoring

  • How to configure the business process node container

  • How to create your first node and populate that container with intermediate nodes, hosts and services

  • How to use the various web tools to improve and customize your views

  • How to manage sets of configurations

See also

The updated documentation for these topics can be found at the following link: