User Guide

How to Create a Report for a Hostgroup

This How To will help you define and produce a basic report for a Linux hostgroup. It assumes you already have a set of Linux systems being monitored which are configured as a single hostgroup.

Start the Reporting module and select the Open reports action, which will display the list of existing reports in the Reports tab.

Before you can define a report, you must first make sure that the Time Frame you want already exists. If you cannot find one among the defaults, you will need to switch to the Time Frames tab to create one.

A time frame consists of a descriptive name to distinguish it from other time frames, a start date/time, and an end date/time. These dates/times can be either absolute by choosing it with the date picker widget, or relative expressed as a text string. You can find more information in the documentation of Supported PHP Time Formats.

Examples include:

  • now (only as an end date/time)

  • -4 hours

  • -1 year*

  • monday last week midnight

  • first day of January this year midnight

When done, click on the Create Time Frame button.

You can now return to the Reports tab and select the New Report action to create a new report definition.

In the form, fill in the fields for Name, Time Frame and Report. The Report field corresponds to the type of report to create:

  • Host SLA: A report based on whether a host or hostgroup meets an SLA threshold.

  • Service SLA: A report based on whether a service or servicegroup meets an SLA threshold.

  • System: A phpinfo report that displays PHP and server settings.

You can produce a Host or Service SLA report with just the information for these three fields and the remaining defaults, although this will include all hosts or all services in your report. To select a subset of hosts or services, add a filtering expression using the monitoring reference guide.

Since this How To is to create a Linux Hostgroup report, select the Host SLA report type and fill in the monitoring expression for your group, e.g.: hostgroup_name=LinuxServers. Then select a Breakdown like “Day” and a Threshold like “99.5”. Click on the Create Report button to define the report with the chosen parameters and add it to the list.

Click on your newly created report to see the current SLA for each host in your hostgroup, modify your report parameters, or schedule the report to be run at regular intervals.