User Guide


Before Tornado can correctly catch SMS, you should configure your SMS modem to send events to Tornado. You can follow the configuration procedure at SMS Modem Setup.


If you are migrating from the Eventhandler module to the Tornado SMS collector, please refer to the Migration to Tornado SMS Collector.

Tornado SMS Collector will then receive then valid SMS like:

From: 39123456789
From_TOA: 91 international, ISDN/telephone
From_SMSC: 39123456789
Sent: 23-10-09 16:06:52
Received: 23-10-09 16:06:58
Subject: GSM1
Modem: GSM1
IMSI: 222018005102877
Report: no
Alphabet: ISO
Length: 20

Example text message

and based on that will create the following Tornado Event:

  "type": "sms",
  "created_ms": 155412314854,
  "payload": {
     "sender": "+39123456789",
     "text": "Example text message"

Within the Tornado Event, the modem, sender and text properties are the values extracted from the incoming SMS.