User Guide

General Introduction

Welcome to the NetEye product documentation.

The structure of this user guide follows that of the various modules provided in the NetEye distribution, and contains both conceptual and practical information on how to use NetEye system for many purposes you’ll find in the Introduction.

Product Overview

NetEye is a comprehensive solution for unified monitoring of your network and infrastructure. Based on Open Source tools, its functionalities allow monitoring of disparate resources: IoT and IIoT devices, remote infrastructure, business services, company assets.

The entire solution is licensed under open source licenses, with the GPLv3 Open Source License being the most used. Continuous improvements, coming from both the community and from Würth Phoenix, are integrated into NetEye to provide added business value to widely-used open source projects.

Real-time dashboards built with the data collected over time, reporting solutions, a powerful tool for complex event management and log analysis, and network traffic analysis complement NetEye’s monitoring features. A deeper description of the NetEye features can be found in the upcoming sections, Intended Use, and NetEye Core & Components.

NetEye builds around Icinga and Icinga Web 2. Most concepts and set ups valid for the latter are also valid in NetEye. Icinga’s modular architecture allows to reuse all of its modules within NetEye, while NetEye’s team continuously develops new modules and seamlessly integrates them within the existent infrastructure.