User Guide

Smart Monitoring Check Result

SMART_MONITORING_CHECK_RESULT Action type allows to set a specific check result for a monitored object, also in the cases when the Icinga 2 object for which you want to carry out the Action does not exist. Moreover, the Smart Monitoring Check Result Executor responsible for carrying out the Action also ensures that no outdated process-check-result will overwrite newer check results already present in Icinga 2.

Note however, that the Icinga agent cannot be created live using Smart Monitoring Executor because it always requires a defined endpoint in the configuration which is not possible since the Icinga API doesn’t support live-creation of an endpoint.

To ensure that outdated check results are not processed, the Action process-check-result is carried out by the Icinga 2 with the parameters execution_start and execution_end inherited by the Action definition or set equal to the value of the created_ms property of the originating Tornado Event. Section Discarded Check Results explains how the Executor handles these cases.

The SMART_MONITORING_CHECK_RESULT action type should include the following elements in its payload:

  1. A check_result: The basic data to build the Icinga 2 process-check-result action payload. See more in the official Icinga 2 documentation.

       "exit_status": "2",
       "plugin_output": "Output message"

    The check_result should contain all mandatory parameters expected by the Icinga API except the following ones that are automatically filled by the Executor:

    • host

    • service

    • type

  2. A host: The data to build the payload which will be sent to the Icinga 2 REST API for the host creation.

       "object_name": "myhost",
       "address": "",
       "check_command": "hostalive",
       "vars": {
          "location": "Rome"
  3. A service: The data to build the payload which will be sent to the Icinga 2 REST API for the service creation (optional)

       "object_name": "myservice",
       "check_command": "ping"

Discarded Check Results

Some process-check-results may be discarded by Icinga 2 if more recent check results already exist for the target object. In this situation the Executor does not retry the Action, but simply logs an error containing the tag DISCARDED_PROCESS_CHECK_RESULT in the configured Tornado Logger. Please check out how to activate debug logging for Tornado in the Troubleshooting section.

The log message showing a discarded process-check-result will be similar to the following excerpt, enclosed in an ActionExecutionError:

SmartMonitoringExecutor - Process check result action failed with error ActionExecutionError {
  message: "Icinga2Executor - Icinga2 API returned an unrecoverable error. Response status: 500 Internal Server Error.
    Response body: {\"results\":[{\"code\":409.0,\"status\":\"Newer check result already present. Check result for 'my-host!my-service' was discarded.\"}]}",
  can_retry: false,
  code: None,
  data: {
    "payload":{"execution_end":1651054222.0,"execution_start":1651054222.0,"exit_status":0,"plugin_output":"Some process check result","service":"my-host!my-service","type":"Service"},