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How to Export SLM Data to a CSV File

You may want to integrate report data into your existing reporting or data warehousing solutions. You can export this data in CSV format, which is a standard machine readable format handled by all common data processing and business intelligence apps. This allows you to further process report data tailored to your business, for instance by adding statistics or graphics, or correlating it with other data sources.

This How To you will show you the procedure for exporting SLM data from an existing report to a CSV (comma separated values) file.


  • The SLM module must be installed under User Guide -> -Initial Configuration ‣ Installing Additional Modules (see Installing Additional Modules)

  • The SLM Report you want to export must already be defined in the Reporting module

The Export Script

The script export_csv_report.php can be used to export SLM report data from a shell. Its required parameters are:


User name (any valid Icinga user)




The Report ID (see below)


A valid path ending in a filename. If the path does not exist, an error will be returned. If the script runs successfully, the file will contain the report data in CSV format.

You can get further information about its other available parameters as follows.

# php /usr/share/neteye/reporting/scripts/export_csv_report.php --help

To obtain the report ID, navigate within the NetEye interface until you arrive at the desired report. It should have a URL similar to the one here (use the number at the end of the URL as the value for the -i parameter):


Once you have all the required information, you can call the export script as in this example:

.. code:: bash

# cd /usr/share/neteye/reporting/scripts/ # php ./export_csv_report.php -u root -p pass -i 16 -f /home/my-report.csv

And finally, the resulting exported file should look like this:

.. code:: bash

# cat /home/my-report.csv

Contract,"Object Type","Object Name",Timeperiod,Availability
"Contract A",Hosts,webserver,2019/08/26,100.00%
"Contract B",Hosts,email-server,2019/08/26,99.70%
"Contract C",Services,disk-check,2019/08/26,98.30%