User Guide


Tornado Actions for creating hosts and services are available under the DIRECTOR Action type.

The following elements of an Action are to be specified for the Director Executor to extract data from a Tornado Action and prepare it to be sent to the Icinga Director REST API:

  1. An action_name: create_host, create_service would create an object of type host or service in the Director respectively. See more in the official Icinga 2 documentation.

  2. An action_payload (optional): The payload of the Director action.

       "object_type": "object",
       "object_name": "my_host_name",
       "address": "",
       "check_command": "hostalive",
       "vars": {
          "location": "Bolzano"
  3. An icinga2_live_creation (optional): Boolean value, which determines whether to create the specified Icinga Object also in Icinga 2.