User Guide

Satellite Upgrade from 4.25 to 4.26

This guide will lead you through the steps specific for upgrading a NetEye Satellite installation from version 4.25 to 4.26. You must have successfully completed the Satellite Update Procedure before attempting to start the upgrade procedure.


Remember that you must upgrade sequentially without skipping versions, therefore an upgrade to 4.26 is possible only from 4.25; for example, if you have version 4.21, you must first upgrade to the 4.22, then 4.23, and so on.

Before starting an upgrade, you should very carefully read the latest release notes on NetEye’s blog and check the feature changes and deprecations specific to the version being upgraded. You should check also the whole section Breaking Changes below.

Breaking Changes

This release does not introduce breaking changes related to Satellites.

NetEye Satellite Upgrade Procedure


Be sure to meet the following requirements before starting:

  1. NetEye Master must be version 4.26 fully updated

  2. NetEye Satellite must be version 4.25 fully updated

  3. The 4.26 NetEye Satellite configuration archive is present in the path /root/satellite-setup/config/4.26/satellite-config.tar.gz. To generate and send the Satellite configuration archive see the section Satellite Configuration

To automatically download the latest upgrade you can run the following command on the Satellite:

sat# (nohup neteye satellite upgrade &) && tail --retry -f nohup.out

The command updates the NetEye repositories to the newer NetEye version, installs all the RPMs of the newer version, and upgrades the NetEye’s yum groups.

Please check for any .rpmnew and .rpmsave files (see the Migrate RPM Configuration section for further information).

If the command is successful, a message will inform you that it is possible to continue the upgrade procedure.

Execute the command below to setup the Satellite with the new upgrade:

sat# neteye satellite setup

Complete the satellite upgrade process by launching the following script:

sat# neteye_finalize_installation


You should launch the finalize command only if all previous steps have been completed successfully. If you encounter any errors or problems during the upgrade process, please contact our service and support team to evaluate the best way forward for upgrading your NetEye System.