User Guide

Centreon Plugins Base

The nep-centreon-plugins-base provides the minimum requirements to implement any Centreon Plugins from the Centreon Catalogue .

Minimum supported environment

This package can be installed on systems running the software described below. Systems with equivalent components are also suitable for installation.

Required software



Version 4.20+

NetEye modules


Package requirements

The Package require the installation of Repo from Centreon This operation must be done manually, here an example on RHEL8:

dnf install -y
mkdir /neteye/shared/icinga2/data/lib/centreon-plugins/
chown icinga:icingaweb2 /neteye/shared/icinga2/data/lib/centreon-plugins/

On NetEye environment this operation is automatically done by Setup Routine.

Setup instructions

If all requirements are met, you can now install this package. To manually set up the nep-centreon-plugins-base package, just use nep-setup utility to install it.

nep-setup install nep-centreon-plugins-base

Available Objects

This section contains a description of all the Objects from this package that can be used to build your own monitoring environment.

Director Objects

This package contains the following Director Objects:

Service Templates

The following Service Templates can be used to freely create Service Objects, Service Apply Rules or Service Sets. Remember to not edit these Service Templates because they will be restored/updated at the next NEP Package update.

Template name

Run on Agent




Basic service template to be used from Centreon Plugins

ITOA Dashboards

The Package does not provide any ITOA Dashboards right now.

Package’s objects list

Object Type

Object Name

Do not edit

Containing File

Director Command




Director Service Template