User Guide



Like for all other modules, the Full Module Access and General Module Access permissions are available for the ntopng module, mapped to the Administrator and Non Privileged user roles in ntopng, respectively. An Administrator will have full access to all the modules’ functionalities and will not be subject to the restrictions listed below.

An additional Permission is peculiar to this module, namely pcap-download, that allows download .pcap file captured by ntopng.

There are two Restrictions available for this module:

  • allowed-interfaces is used to mark which interfaces are available to the role. Wildcard can be used, default is tcp://*:5556c. The trailing c is important as it lets ntopng act as a collector.

  • allowed-networks allows access only to those flows originating from the given (local) networks


In ntopng only one interface can be set as a restriction. For this reason, if a user has multiple roles and each role has an interface set in the restriction, the user will only be able to see the first interface. In case the wildcard * is set in at least one of the roles, the user will be able to see all the interfaces.