User Guide

Director does not deploy when services assigned to a host have the same name

After adding a new service to a host, whether via an added or applied Service Set, Director does not deploy the new configuration, displaying the following error in the Deployments panel:

Error: An object with type 'Service' and name '!Service Name' already exists in servicesets.conf

The root cause is that Icinga requires that the names of all services included in any service set on a given host be distinct (the services themselves can be duplicated as long as they are given unique names). You can check this by going to the host indicated in the error message, clicking on the Services tab, and looking for identical names of services in the listed Service Sets.

This problem typically arises when you select the “Add Service” action on the Services tab of a particular Service Set, or use an “Assign where” rule, and then choose a service template from the Imports dropdown. Director automatically prefills the Name field with the name of the template you selected in the Imports field. You can avoid this problem by giving a unique name to the service in the Name field.