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Releases and Latest News

NetEye development cycle lasts two months and at the beginning of the even months, a new NetEye release is published and available for installation. After the release has taken place, it is referred to as Current NetEye release, i.e. the latest stable release of a product available to be installed by a customer.

In the NetEye Guide, ‘current’ label indicates the version of the userguide which respectively corresponds the current NetEye release.

Next version, in its turn, corresponds the next coming version of NetEye, which is currently in development. The development cycle ends up with a feature freeze two weeks prior to the official NetEye release, which gives us the opportunity to test out the scope.

Within this two-week period of time the development of an even newer NetEye version starts, which can be referred to as Alpha. Hence, appearance of an ‘Alpha’ version in the userguide indicates that the development cycle for a new NetEye version has started.

A list of the new and changed functionalities in NetEye is compiled for each new public release; it can be found on NetEye’s blog, in the release notes category.

Moreover, the NetEye’s blog features also a series of posts about bug fixes, released as soon as a bug has been corrected and the fix has been released. Each post contains an explanation of the bug and, most important, the list of package(s) that contain the fix.