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Network Sophos firewall

The nep-network-sophos-firewall provides the minimum requirements to implement a basic monitoring of a Sophos firewall using SNMP protocol. With nep-network-sophos-firewall it is possible to perform standard monitoring of a Sophos XG firewall using Sophos SNMP OIDs based on proprietary MIB

Using the provided objects, is possible to:

  • Connected Users

  • Device Name

  • Disk Usage

  • Memory Usage

  • Model

  • Firmware Version

  • Serial Number

  • Swap Usage

Tested on:

  • Firmware > 18.0

  • Series XG

Minimum supported environment

This package can be installed on systems running the software described below. Systems with equivalent components are also suitable for installation.

Required software



Version 4.20+

NetEye modules


Package requirements

Service and Host Template shipped with package nep-network-sophos-firewall require the following nep:

  • nep-common

  • nep-network-base

The service checks in this nep modulue are based on check_snmp and specific SNMP OIDs and needs Sophos SNMP MIB installation on NetEye system. MIB can be downloaded from SOPHOS-XG-MIB and it must be copied in /usr/share/snmp/mibs on all NetEye nodes.

Setup instructions

If all requirements are met, you can now install this package. To manually set up the nep-network-sophos-firewall package, just use nep-setup utility to install it.

nep-setup install nep-network-sophos-firewall

Once installed the following custom variables should be set on the Host Objects where is required:

  • nx_hardware_vendor = Sophos

Available Objects

This section contains a description of all the Objects from this package that can be used to build your own monitoring environment.

Director Objects

This package contains the following Director Objects:

Service Sets

The following Service Sets can be used to freely monitor Host Objects. Remember to not edit these Service Sets because they will be restored/updated at the next NEP Package update.

Service Set name



Service Set providing a common base in order to monitor a Sophos XG firewall: - Connected Users, Device Name, Disk Usage, Memory Usage, Model, Firmware, Serial Number, Swap Usage

ITOA Dashboards

The Package does not provide any ITOA Dashboards right now.

Package’s objects list

Object Type

Object Name


Containing File

Director Service Set