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Alyvix Server

The nep-alyvix package is the NEP designed to monitoring the Alyvix testcases and the server where this testcases run. It provides a quite complete monitoring for all the components. With nep-alyvix it is possible to perform monitoring of:

This package can monitor Alyvix Testcases and servers based on Alyvix Service. Old Alyvix Server can still be monitored, but since it is deprecated its monitoring is discouraged, since an upgrade to latest Alyvix Service version is highly suggested.

Minimum supported environment

This package can be installed on systems running the software described below. Systems with equivalent components are also suitable for installation.

Required software



Version 4.31+

Alyvix Service

Version 2.0+

Package requirements

Service and Host Template shipped with package nep-alyvix require the following nep:

  • nep-common

Setup instructions

If all requirements are met, you can now install this package. To manually set up the nep-alyvix package, just use nep-setup utility to install it.

nep-setup install nep-alyvix

Available Objects

This section contains a description of all the Objects from this Package that can be used to build your own monitoring environment.

Director Objects

The Package contains the following Director Objects.

Host Templates

The following Host Templates can be used to freely create Host Objects. Remember to not edit these Host Templates because they will be restored/updated at the next NEP package update.

Host Template name



Describe a generic Windows-based server computer monitored by an Icinga 2 Agent running Alyvix Service.


Provide Test cases monitoring services in addition to nx-ht-server-windows-alyvix


  • OBSOLETE * Describe a generic Windows-based server computer monitored by an Icinga 2 Agent.


  • OBSOLETE * Describe a generic server computer monitored by restapi


  • OBSOLETE * Describe a generic server computer with Alyvix Server software

Service Templates

The following Service Templates can be used to freely create Service Objects, Service Apply Rules or Service Sets. Remember to not edit these Service Templates because they will be restored/updated at the next NEP Package update.

Template name

Run on Agent




Passive service to monitor a specific Test case



  • OBSOLETE * Checks for testcases running on the Alyvix Server

Service Sets

The following Service Sets can be used to freely monitor Host Objects. Remember to not edit these Service Sets because they will be restored/updated at the next NEP Package update.

Service Set name



Provide common monitoring for a Windows-based server running Alyvix Service


Provide default Test case Poller service for Shared or Dedicated poller


  • OBSOLETE * Service Set providing common monitoring for testcases on the Alyvix Server


  • OBSOLETE * Service Set providing common monitoring for service on the Windows Alyvix Server

ITOA Dashboards

The Package provide an ITOA Dashboard

Dashboard name


Alyvix Testcase (with filters)

  • OBSOLETE * This dashboard helps you (IT operation us) to check the status of the single testcases with measure collected during executing the tescases

Icinga Check for Alyvix Test Cases

In order to check the health of the Alyvix Server, you can start monitoring a particular Host object using NEP.

In order to check the health of the Alyvix Server, you have to monitor it through a Host Object created using NEP.

For this you will need to configure an Icinga check to monitor all existing Alyvix Test cases within the Alyvix Node, and receive an output based on check result.


In order to be able to start monitoring Alyvix Test cases with NEP, NEP Alyvix should be installed on the NetEye which does not yet have any packages installed.

You should also have an Icinga Agent up and running on the Alyvix Server.

  1. Install NEP

Install NEP following the procedure in Install NEP on your NetEye Single Node. Then configure and deploy objects. Basic configuration is done by the setup system of NEP, all you have to do is to have the Alyvix Server up and running.

  1. Install NEP Alyvix

Install NEP Alyvix with nep-setup install nep-alyvix Minimun NEP Alyvix version to support Alyvix services is 1.0.0.

As result, all the objects are to be imported to the Icinga Director - Host Templates/Service Templates. Deploy all the changes in the Icinga Director/Deployments to make sure everything is up and running.

  1. Monitor Alyvix Service Server

Now you can start checking the health of your Alyvix Server by creating a dedicated Host Object.

Create a new Host in the Icinga Director as mentioned in Monitor an example environment:

  • Use the FQDN of the server as Hostname.

  • Use Host Templates nx-ht-status-ping, nx-ht-server-windows-alyvix, nx-ht-type-custom in that same order.

  • Store and deploy.

As a result, a newly created Host will appear in the NetEye Overview, with all the available checks being already preconfigured, including the specific check provided by the nep-alyvix: Service Alyvix service status. This is a basic check and is used to ensure the Alyvix Service is running. If you don’t need to take care of specific access policies (like multi-tenancy or roles), you can configure this Host Object as a Shared poller (see p.4.Configure a Test Case Poller) by adding the requierd Host Template and Service Objects.

  1. Configure a Test Case Poller

To get the status of each Test Case running in the system a poller script is used. In order to allow a Host object to monitor Test Cases, define a Host as a Poller, providing specific Host Templates based on its type - Shared or Dedicated.

To configure a Host as a Shared Poller add nx-ht-alyvix-testcase-poller template in the Host Imports.


It is important that the nx-ht-alyvix-testcase-poller template is placed before the nx-ht-type-custom template in the Imports menu.


A Dedicated Poller is to be used in the cases of a multitenant environment, i.e. the status of a particular Test Case should be available only to the users belonging to a Tenant the Test case is running on.

Additionally, you can use a dedicated poller for organizing a large number of Test Cases for an easier access to their status.

To configure a Host as a Dedicated Poller

  • Use nx-ht-status-dummy Host Template.

  • Sequentially, add nx-ht-alyvix-testcase-poller template in the Host Imports.

  • Specify the name of the Alyvix Server that runs a Test Case to be monitored, use [NX] Alyvix node FQDN field.


As a Poller is being configured, Testcase Poller, an active service that allows the monitoring Service to run, is automatically created. In case the status of the service is other than OK, no further monitoring can be run.

Poller Authentication

You will also need two accounts to connect to one of the Poller types. These accounts are used by Testcase Poller to get and report status of the desired Test cases (see below).

To connect to these accounts, you will need to provide credentials under the Alyvix Service section details.

The first account is the alyvix-check, and the password to this account is contained in the file .pwd_icinga2_alyvix_check, which is to be created upon the setup of nep-alyvix. Run the following command to obtain the password:

[root@perc-nepdevel ~]# cat /root/.pwd_icinga2_alyvix_check

Another account is also provided upon the setup procedure, with the username being still the same alyvix-check, and the password contained in the file .pwd_icingaweb2_alyvix_check. Run the following command to obtain the password:

[root@perc-nepdevel ~]# cat /root/.pwd_icingaweb2_alyvix_check
  1. Create individual Service Object for each Test Case to be monitored

In order to define which Test Cases are to be monitored, configure a Service using the following templates, keeping the exact same order: nx-st-passive-alyvix-testcase and nx-st-type-custom.

Next, you have to define a Service Name in the format: Alyvix Testcase <test case name> Status, and define the name of the Test Case to monitor in the Alyvix Service Test Case section detail.


Please note that a dedicated Service is to be created for each Test case you would like to monitor.

As result, a new Service will be created, i.e. Alyvix Testcase <test case name> Status, a passive Service with no active check enabled.


The results of a Test Case monitoring process are available in the Service’s Plugin Output.

Package’s objects list

Object Type

Object Name


Containing File

Director Command




Director Host Template




Director Host Template




Director Host Template




Director Service Set




Director Service Set




Director Service Template




ITOA Dashboard

Alyvix Testcases