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APM Configuration

This section provides information about the configuration of the Elastic APM components.

APM Server configuration overview

The APM Server is already configured and running in the NetEye installations on which the SIEM module is installed. This means that if you need to introduce a new APM Agent for an application, no additional configuration needs to be performed on the APM Server.

The APM Server is reachable within NetEye at the address https://apm-server.neteyelocal:8200/ and only accepts requests authenticated via API Key.

To ensure high availability and optimized performance of the APM Server in NetEye clusters, multiple APM Server instances run in parallel and the load is balanced between the instances by the NGINX reverse proxy.

An instance of the APM Server runs on each node of the NetEye cluster (including the Elastic Only Nodes) and each APM Server instance connects to the local Elasticsearch for storing the performance data.