User Guide

Performance Graphs

In each monitored object page, a Performance Graph containing its metrics is visible. This graph is based on the mapping defined in Configuration > Grafana Graphs.

When you need to go beyond having a single, default dashboard for every host/service, it’s time to make a customized dashboard for those hosts/services that need them.

The following steps will guide you through the creation of a custom link that will point to the customized dashboard. The link will be visible in the monitored object Actions section.

Custom Dashboards for Hosts and Services

If you need to create a custom dashboard for a particular service/host, you can set the parameter in Director’s service/host configuration. The custom dashboard should be specified as dataSource/dashboardName.

ITOA hook configuration

Fig. 130 ITOA hook configuration

The following steps show how you can create just such a custom dashboard field (for a service, follow the procedure below while starting from a service configuration rather than from a host).

First, click on Director in the left navigation sidebar, scroll to the bottom of the page, and select “Define Data Field” (Figure 2).

Director - Define Data Field

Fig. 131 Director Data Field

Now click “Add” and create a field with the field name set to custom_analytics_dashboard, then enter a caption of your choice (like “Custom Dashboard” in Figure 3).

Director - Custom ITOA Dashboard Field

Fig. 132 Custom ITOA Dashboard Field

Once you add the new data field, you should add it to a service/host template. Open an existing template or create a new one (the same procedure works both for hosts and services). Click on the Fields tab, select the custom_analytics_dashboard field in the drop down box, and add that field to the template. (Do not set it as mandatory, because not all hosts/services will have or need a custom ITOA dashboard.)

Director - AddCustomFieldToTemplate

Fig. 133 Add Custom Field To Template

Lastly, deploy the final configuration. Now you can create a new host/service starting from the modified template and add a custom ITOA dashboard to it.